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No strange staking system!

No weird tips!

No waiting for the OFF!

Just several low price selections to lay each day, 7 days a week!!!

Trial membership just £9.99!!! (less than 34p a day)

Hi James
This certainly a pretty amazing tips service, it gets my vote and recommendation.
Malcolm (

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From the betting desk of James

Dear Horse Racing Fan

Over the years, have you squandered money on 'hot tips' and 'lucky' runners, and been disappointed with the results?

I'm sure the same can be said for the majority of gamblers, who see very inconsistent results week in, week out. You may have already tried systems and tips-hotlines, but nothing has given you the real reliability necessary to make serious money.

Why should the bookies be the only ones making the money?

In recent times, the gambling industry has seen the rise of betting exchanges, like, which give the individual gambler the chance to bet on a runner to win (back), or more importantly offer odds for a runner to lose (lay), just like the bookies!

So now you have the chance to take the side of the bookie and what makes this even better you only have to offer odds on one horse, unlike the bookies who have to allow betting on all runners.

So what is 'lay' betting?

Traditionally, the gambler goes into the bookmakers to 'back' the winning horse. The bookie matches the bet and keeps the stake if the horse loses, but pays out additionally if the horse wins. With betting exchanges, gamblers can back or 'lay' their horse, matching their bet with a corresponding opposite bet. With 'lay' betting, you are effectively 'playing bookie', staking against a runner you think will lose which is then matched with a gambler who is backing your horse to win. If the horse wins, you are liable for the payment of the winnings, but if the horse loses, you keep the stake.

And here lies the biggest problem with lay betting finding favourites that lose is not as easy as some people like to make out, in fact sometimes it seems like every horse you pick, wins.

I have experimented with betting exchanges and lay-betting for several years, and thanks to endless trial and error, have devised my own systems for picking losing favourites. On top of that, I've launched numerous tips services, predictive software packages and how-to guides on lay betting. For those in the know, lay-betting can offer more stability and security, and lead to more consistent returns, to help you win significantly more often than you lose.

One of the aims of anyone who lays is to devise a system that will win overtime at level stakes. It's not easy but that is where The Golden Egg Lay service succeeds where others fail.

The Golden Egg Lay service could not be easier...

Everday (normally by 11pm the night before) I send out several selections that I have specifically selected using my own unique formula and send them straight to your email box (also posted in the members area).

You simply then place the same stake on each selection, it couldn't be easier.

Our results show all selections although I do consider any lay bet's over 5/1 to be risky and recommend missing them out, I still show them in the results so you get the full history.

It get's better though.

How much do you think you would normally pay for a service that gives you consistent results at level stakes?

£25 a month, 50 a month I even know services that charge £200 a month but not me.

Your first trial month is just £9.99

Here is what one forum member said about that...

Hi! James, What can I say apart from well done again, what a week 21.75 points up in the first week that will take some topping. Still made enough for the next four months fees. Brilliant, those of you who failed to sign up must be kicking themselves. I know I would be.
Regards Steve57


Yes Steve, you've said it all, I can only add that its a brilliant system, well worth the money. I've already made enough for a year's subs. James, thanks for bringing this system to us.

That was in just the first week of these people joining.

I can hear what you are thinking...

James does that mean it goes up to £50 a month after the trial?

Well I could easily charge that, but at this moment I am keeping subscriptions low so your second months subscription is just £14.99 and then the 3rd month and every month after is just £19.99 a month.

Start your membership today for just £9.99, but I warn you now this price will not be available for long I am either going to have to shut the door on new members or put the price up, but if you join now the price advertised is the price you will will pay.

Why not sign up today? Receive my hot tips daily, and start winning like the rest of the members do!

So what do I get from this service?

When it comes to laybetting, I've been there, done that and most definitely bought the T-shirt. I've spent hours reading and researching, and learned the hard way, by losing untold amounts in experimentation, to reach where I am today.

With this service, you can benefit from my expert tips, derived from years of industry experience and knowledge, straight to your email inbox before evening racing.

Hi James
I need to find out if you intend to cap your membership.

I am happy to pay you more but you need to stop this before everyone knows how to make a fortune from lay betting.

Why do you not just up your prices and you will make more money at the same time?

Kind Regards

For just £9.99 (first month), I'll send you my tips 7 days a week, from my betting desk, to make your betting more successful, like mine and all the members.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and benefit from the real insider tips that make me money every day! Come join the lay betting revolution!

If your ready click here now to get your first months membership for just £9.99.

By the way I forgot to mention members now have privy to a protected forum where we can discuss the selections.

Best Regards

P.S Membership is filling up fast and won't be available at this price for long.

P.P.S I am actually being asked to shut the door by many of the current members they don't want to many people laying the same selections.

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